Wedding Gift Ideas




When it comes to the Bride and Grooms Special Day!

Through Laser Engraving gifts we can preserve your legacy by laser engraving on a cutting board that make up your once-in-a-lifetime wedding complete.

Looking for that special wedding gift for the Bride and Groom along with your entire wedding party stop in and let us create that perfect love story for you. The Holland Cutting Board Co. can custom make your wedding party gifts. For moms & dads that are looking for that special gift for the bride and groom we have our famous heart shape cutting board laser engraved with the Bride & Grooms Name!

I’m a professional woodworker with 50 plus years of experience in the trade and we now serve the wedding industry.

Holland Cutting Board Co.


Walnut Cutting Board Laser Engraved (12"x8"x3/4")

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