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How We Build Our Furniture

Holland Cutting Board Co. All our pallet furniture is hand built to order. Because we build everything to order and everything we build can be easily customized for size, color, etc. and yes we do custom requests too.  

All of our products are “pallet style” we carefully select our pallet wood giving the aesthetics to ever piece of furniture we make. We do offer some bars/counters made from reclaimed barnwood and also offer metal: new corrugated metal.

Our pallet products are made with 2x6x8, 2x4x8 and 1x4x8 kiln dried pine and pallet wood. Our smooth top products are made with ¾ solid pine tops. Our exterior lumber products are appearance grade treated with severe weather above ground pressure treatment. We only use powder-coated screws to assemble all of our products.

Customizable, Fully Assembled Solid Wood Bars

Are you in the market for a new bar in your business or home? It can be difficult to know where to start. But if you know what you want, the process can get a little easier. For example, who wouldn’t want a handmade, customizable, fully assembled, solid wood bar that can be delivered to your home or business ready to use?

If you’re looking for such a bar, the Holland Cutting Board Co. can help you. For more than five years now, we’ve hand-built and shipped rustic bars to homes and businesses.

Our Handmade Solid Wood Bars

While we sell other wood products as well, we got our start with handmade rustic bars. In 2019

As a small business, every bar we sell is built to order. Because of this, any bar we build can be customized for size, finish, and color. We can handle custom requests as well. They are perfect for both inside and outside homes and businesses – especially for patios.

Order A Customizable Durable Wood Bar Today

When your bar is ready, we will ship it to you, and you’ll be able to make your favorite cocktail out on your patio or serve your guests in the comfort of your home. We can ship anywhere in the contiguous United States from our central Michigan workshop.

If you’re interested, please feel free to contact us today Simply fill out the form below, If you have any questions about our shipping process, we are here to help

Small Pallet Console Tables

A small entryway or an awkward nook can accommodate only a small and sleek console table, and even if you have a large space but don’t need a large console table, prefer a small one.

We build sleek and small console tables out of pallets – think of your entryway style and choose a design accordingly. It can be rustic, then we can stain your console in some rich or dark shade. You can also have your console in some pastel shade or neutral tone and add a stained tabletop for a rustic and vintage feel. We can also make custom modern pallet consoles with glass tabletops.

Making cement tops with many colors to choose from and lights inside – they look very bold.

          Most Important Our Family Member is our Four Legged Kids

Why buy a custom wooden cat or dog bed from the Holland Cutting Board Company?

Wooden cat dog beds have several benefits. They’re incredibly durable, and should last longer than a standard fabric design. A sturdy, well-made wooden bed can also help to prevent arthritis and joint pains that may develop when your pet sleeps on a cold hard floor.

It’s worth noting that wooden cat and dog beds are often more expensive than fabric options, though. Our pet beds typically range between $39.00 to $129.00 depending on the design. If you have your pets favorite cushion bring us the size we can make that pet bed to fit your pet's cushion. To add value to your pet's bed we will personlize and it's worthy investment and will cost you less in the long run.

The benefits of our raised wooden cat and dog beds

Many wooden cat and dog beds are raised slightly off the ground, which has several benefits for your beloved pet. Firstly, fur and dust particulars can build up underneath a dog bed, but an elevated design allows air to circulate to keep it fresh and clean. The height also lessens the risk of an infestation from jumping fleas. It can help to keep your cat or dog away from the cold floor too, ensuring they stay warm and cosy as they snooze.



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