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Our Company Mission

At The Holland Cutting Board Company, we believe that every kitchen is the heart of the home. It is this belief that drives us to create the highest quality, hand-crafted products for cooking and entertaining. It is our job to create many styles of cutting board that our home chefs need for cooking and entertaining making it more easy and fun.

We love to hear about our cutting boards and how they were used to prep a special dinner or for just your family. It's these very special stories from our customers that keep us growing and successful everyday.

The Holland Cutting Board Company was founded on October 12, 2018 and over the last 200 years times have changed but we are proud to say that our values and beliefs have not, from our multi-generation of professional work workers.

We remain committed to producing high-quality kitchen and housewares products by hand from our North American Hardwoods in Holland Michigan.

We are now beginning our 5th generation, and our tradition of woodworking experience has lead us to having a family owned business, with our staff of professionals that have been with us for years. We are proud of all the products we produce together as a team. The Holland Cutting Board Co. is always open to partnering with other companies so that everyone is growing and being successful.

Full Replacement

We will stand by our products with a full 100% replacement & lifetime guarantee.

We are continually working daily to prove that our company strives to meet all our customers expectations and needs when it comes to safety in board care and to preventing cross contamination along with high quality products that are number one in the culinary world.

We are committed and customer focused and this allows our staff grow daily and this allows us to prosper by producing high quality products in an environmentally and socially responsible manner in our local community, and serving our customers throughout the United States.

Our Products & Guarantee

Our home chefs passion for their food and entertaining is what drives us to develop new and innovative new products. While we love a great looking product as much as the next person, we believe, in the functionality in every board, and specialty products that bears the Holland Cutting Board Laser Engraved Logo on every board. 

Our products will stand to the daily test of becoming the kitchen heirloom to be handed down from generation to generation. Product Failure is not in our woodworking vocabulary. Our level of management's commitment to design each piece and our craftsmanship is built into every board and this allows us to stand behind all of our products with a lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee.

Our Community & Environment

It's our desire as a local company to help promote our local businesses around us as we partner within our community. We are committed to do as much as we can to help support local growth and development within our community creating an environment as they do for their customers. Holland Cutting Board Company has a responsibility to be the best employer, a productive member of the local and global community and we are a responsible steward of all natural resources that we use to craft our products. 

We do this by:

• Employing people locally and providing opportunities for them to grow with us.

• Working only with supply partners who are committed to sustainable forest management and practices.

• Reducing our carbon footprint whenever we can to stabilize our environment.

• Supporting local charities and community events.

• Partnering with other companies that share our values.

• Using the highest quality sub-component in every board and product.

We care because your business is our business.  We welcome you as our partner.

"I personally talk to our partners who call about partnering with us along with a simply ordering question? Even large companies know that they can talk to me. That's good for business"

We welcome you to come on board!

Chuck German

President / Manufacturing Director

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