Our Family History

  “Anyone who has ever made anything of importance was disciplined. It's who we are and what we believe in.”
     Chuck German
    5th Generation Professional Woodworker 

Over 200 years ago, the first generation of wood-workers settled in Brownsville, PA.

Our family consisted of fine craftsmen, and this is where our journey begins.

This is my story to share with you four generations later.


My name is Chuck German, the owner of the Holland Cutting Board Company.

We welcome you to our company website.

Please take a moment to read this page and learn all about us, what we believe in,

our products, our wood working experience,

and most importantly, the quality in every product we make.

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Our Niche is "Custom"
Our beliefs are great customer service, high-quality products, 
nd affordable prices and most importantly Customer-centered

Fully Customized Cutting Boards For Home and Business
We only make custom sizes made to order for our customers 
giving them the exact sizes that fit their countertop space.
"It can't get any better than that."
Then, in order to add that special touch, we can augment your board with 
custom laser engraving to personalize each board we make.
"We will custom make any size hardwood board for our retail customers, 
wholesale customers, restaurants, bakeries, and corporate gifts as well.
We look forward to being your hardwood cutting board supplier. 
The Holland Cutting Board Company

grandma-lanta-mom-.jpg Abigail Hayde

bazel-brown-dad.jpg   sarah-w.-brown.jpg Bazel Brown & Sarah Brown 


Sarah J. German & John M. Brown (Parents of Lanta Brown, my Grandmother)

          John M. Brown is the son of Bazil Brown founder of Brownsville, PA       


The History Of Our Families The Browns and Germans

    Over 200 Years of History "Our Family of Woodworking Experience" Our Timeline

The first record of our family dates back to 1775 with our two Browns:  brothers Thomas and Bazil Brown

Thomas Brown Sr. and Bazel Brown Sr. from Prince George Maryland made the historic trip 
and settled along the Mongolia River in Western Pennsylvania,
which was a wilderness at the time.

Then later in life the first cast iron bridge of Brownsville was built and is still used today.
It all started in 1849. By 1898, at the age of 49, my great, great, grandfather John M. Brown, a Master Builder 
and furniture maker and farmer, completed the Brown Homestead. In those days, the virgin forest near the homestead
was full of Black Walnut, Black Cherry, and White Oak.
 The family homestead is located in Dellroy, Ohio, shown in the picture in 1897 with my grandmother's cousins 
and my grandmother's mother. The lady in the black dress is my grandma's mother,
and she gave birth to my grandma on February 23, 1898.
The barn is still standing today; the original home has since burned down. 
There was a brick home built later in years on the same spot
The barn John built was a 3 story barn 3rd floor was where he stored the straw, 
the first floor to the left of the picture was for hay and farm equipment.
To the right of the picture was the second floor, where he built all the family furniture his woodshop.
Back then it was awesome according to my grandmother. The first floor lower section was where he kept all the cattle.
 When John took his daughter inside his woodshop, all she remembers is that it was big and had a lot of woodworking tools. 
The family home and barn were built at the same time and the 12 room home was big back in those days. 
When my grandmother married her first husband he was a woodworker as a hobby, tool and die by trade in Ohio. 
Then my grandma had two sons -- one was to be a woodworker, that was my dad. Her second son became a U.S. Postal Worker.
I am now the 4th generation woodworker and owner of the Holland Cutting Board Company. 
I adopted my grandson who is now becoming the next line of woodworkers beginning
the 5th generation to carry on the family tradition.
Then in 1967 was when my woodworking story begins. So here we are 53 years later at the 
Holland Cutting Board Company carrying on a family tradition of more than 282 years of woodworking experience.
The Holland Cutting Board Company was just an idea. It started in 2018 when my son Brett took 
his first woodshop class in high school. He came home from school with a hardwood cutting board he made
in the shape of Michigan made from walnut and hard maple.
To my surprise, the craftsmanship was beyond perfect. 
Then one day he said to me, dad I want us to have a cutting board business in Holland, Michigan.
You are an awesome woodworker, and I want to have a company after I graduate from high school.
I said to Brett if you're serious, then let's do it. 

So in 2019, I registered the Holland Cutting Board Company for Holland, Michigan,
for the next 100 years continuing the long family tradition.
Our journey together and putting together an awesome team was the first step.
Now we have an awesome team of the most highly professional people working
at the Holland Cutting Board Company bringing the finest cutting board products to market.

-Chuck German, Owner


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