Why End Grain Cutting Boards


End Grain Cutting Boards are the finest surface to cut or chop on. These large block cutting boards are made from the end of the board. Your knives will stay sharp longer as they are cutting with the wood grain instead of across the grain. 

The end grain cutting board is naturally durable and has many built in natural microbial properties making it the favorite cutting surface for most pros and "foodies" Home and Business.

Holland Cutting Boards Culinary Cutting Boards are handcrafted of American Hardwoods in Zeeland, MI USA.  Each board will have its own special character and look, no two will look exactly the same.

Our boards are functional and beautiful and are endorsed by our Culinary Chef Robert Saia.  We often hear "they are too beautiful to use", but they are truly a cutting board you can use and with the proper care can keep in your family as an heirloom.

Our end grain cutting boards are available in Cherry, Maple, Black Walnut and Walnut .  We also make them in combinations of these woods.  There are many sizes available to order from our website but if you need a specific size, we can also custom make one to fit your specific measurements. You can add laser engraving to your board to personalize for yourself or that special gift to someone or creating your own brand in your retail store.


Our cutting boards have FDA Approved feet to prevent the board from moving while you are cutting and to keep condensation and liquid from accumulating under the board.  We can also include a juice groove on your board if desired.

The Holland Cutting Boards are the best in the Culinary World Our End Grain Cutting Boards....beautiful and functional most importantly high quality we guarantee it see for yourself!

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Chuck German