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Trees are timekeepers. Count the concentric growth rings circling the heartwood of a chopped log and you’ll know a tree’s age.

It’s a fun fact, for sure, but tree-ring dating (technically known as dendrochronology) goes far beyond determining how old a tree is. Trees are also meticulous record keepers of climatic conditions. By unraveling the rich data stored in tree rings, we can tell the life history of a tree.

But here at the Holland Cutting Board take we take trees very seriously and when we make a hardwood cutting board as a wedding gift the wood we use represents a trees past, a tree once stood now renewed bringing a new life into a marriage and their kitchen giving home chefs a time to spend together cooking

Our end grain wooden wedding gifts represents both strength and happiness, the beginning of a strong marriage symbolizing love, endurance for years to come. 

Our customers have enjoyed our wooden cutting boards as gifts because of the warmth and beauty they show everyday.

 If it's just the bride and groom or having family and friends gather at their table, this is how we believe a end grain cutting board

 should be displayed at the table.

Your cutting board gift for that wedding couple sending them your love laser engraved your personalize message that will last a lifetime,

Tell us what you would like laser engraved on their wedding gift or anniversary

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  • White Maple End Grain Cheese Board 17" 3/4 x 12" 3/4 x 1"
  • Imported Glass Cheese Dome
  • Hard Cheese Knife
  • Semi Hard Cheese Knife
  • Soft Cheese Knife
  • Heart Shape Tin B's Oil
  • 4 FDA Approved Cutting Board Feet
  •  Full Lifetime  Replacement Guarantee
  •  Now Available 

"Our Beautiful Heart Shape End Grain Cutting Board"


Perfect Wedding Gift 

Bride & Groom

Custom Laser Engraving

Now Available 


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