How To Wax Your Cutting Board

Cutting Board Waxing Steps  

Waxing your board has never been so easy, Here we will show you how to apply our B's Oil Board Wax. When you receive your cutting board it comes pre-oiled in our FDA Approved Mineral Oil then we pretreat with the same B's oil board wax you get with your cutting board. 

Your cutting board can be wax once a month depending on air temperature, humidity and how often you use your board. Once your board looks dry on the surface you can safely B's oil it then it will be good until the next month. Keeping your board moisturized this will prevent damage to your cutting board.

If you have any question about board waxing please reach out to us and we will be glad to help you.


Once your board is dry


B's Oil Board Wax and Applicator Pad


Applying B's oil board wax


Cotton cloth just for rubbing in B's Wax

put in zip-lock baggie for future waxing's


This cloth is used to buff out your cutting board surface

when finished this can be put into a zip-lock baggie to.


"When finished this is how your board should look"


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