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These tips for your perfect kitchen and Custom Hardwood Cutting Boards 

The preliminary space-planning and schematic design phase is the most important part of any kitchen remodel. A kitchen can be filled with beautiful materials and fine finishes and elegant and practical hardwood cutting boards, but if the layout and space don’t work well, it’s not a successful design. In kitchens, more than in any other room, a good space plan and flow are critical. Anyone who has tried working in a poorly designed kitchen knows this.

 When working on a project that’s going to include moving things, opening up walls or doing an addition, It’s recommend that homeowners work with a kitchen designer or other professional to develop a schematic plan that includes your hardwood cutting boards and get preliminary estimates on construction costs. This is a great way to keep your eye on the budget while you finalize the design.

The alternative is to design the space down to the last detail and don’t forget your cutting boards and then get estimates on the materials and construction for bidding. The problem with the latter option is that most people become emotionally tied to the original design at this point, and it can be frustrating to rework a design due to budget.

Most clients start out with a wish list and a collection of inspiration images. This is a great help in getting started, but try to focus on the space plans for your cutting boards if they are left out on the counter or tucked away until you are ready to use them before getting too caught up in what the kitchen is going to look like.


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Space plans can be rough — they’re all about the best layout. You and or your designer should try some different options for where the appliances will go. What’s the best layout for your space? An L-shaped kitchen with an island? A U-shaped kitchen? Or do you have a galley kitchen?

Do you have the space for an eat-in kitchen? Are you moving doors or changing windows? These plans don’t have to detail where your pots, pans, and silverware, cutting boards are going or what color the cabinets will be — not yet.

Now that you’ve got a plan you love, let your designer really detail it out. Drawings will help you visualize what the cabinetry will look like how your Holland Cutting Boards will look on your counter space. Note on the plans and drawings where spices, pots and pans, silverware and utensils will go.

At this stage, it’s not just about the practical and functional. This is where you get to be more artistic. Cabinet design is a bit like modernist art because it’s all about the rectangles and squares of cabinet doors, and the way they relate and intersect.

The proportions of doors and the scale of three doors next to each other, rather than two, make all the difference in making a kitchen look dynamic and interesting.


Now that you’re working with more developed drawings, you can visualize what materials are going to go where, as well as the proportions of those materials, custom designed hardwood cutting boards work very well at this stage of your project.

You or your kitchen designer can reach out to us as we begin the custom design phase of your kitchen makeover of a “End Grain or Edge Grain” White Maple Hardwood blending it into the final drawing of your kitchen project.

Most likely, there will still be a final design development period and construction documents, and then a final phase during which the drawings, specifications and scope of work are given to the contractor for final pricing.

Let us design a Butcher Block Top for you or we can work with your new home builder or remodeling contractor!

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