Back To Normal

Posted by Chuck German Owner/Manufacturing Director on 30th Oct 2021

Back To Normal

Newsletter October 29, 2021

To Our Family and Friends,

We are feeling our way back to some kind of new normal. Sometimes we catch ourselves being uncomfortable.

Wear a Mask? Is it safe? Or enjoy the freedom of going maskless. There's a little discomfort on both sides but let me say this.......

As I write this letter I want to say Thank You to all our Family, Friends and our customers!!

The Holland Board Co. and Gift Shop is doing well, and we are pleased to be part of this wonderful community.

Business was not easy for any company during the shut-down.

Our team has streamed - lined our whole manufacturing process and now we are able to bring more high-quality kitchen items for your selection.

Spending time with our team has, brought us together by a passion about what we do best giving our customers what we call

"Board's Forever"