Bagel Baking Boards

Bagel Baking Boards

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For all of the Bagel Baking Lovers near and far we have a new product that we are currently taking orders for if you bake your own bagels at home then this is just for you!

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Bagel Boards

Set of 3 Boards Retail Price $ 55.00 Tax included

Important Instructional Note:

The entire bagel board is wetted (soaked) thoroughly about one minute not dripping wet before placing in the oven. This prevents the bagels from burning when they are in the oven.

Our three bagel baking board is a 3"½ x 16" inch maple board covered in a single layer of FDA Approved Food Burlap.... The idea is that in order to have a nice, uniform crust you want to put your bagels into the oven upside down for about 4 minutes, and then flip them off the bagel boards on to your baking stone to complete the baking process, baking them right side up for that "Golden Brown Bagel every time.

(Please follow your recipe in making your bagels)

Made of Michigan Maple and covered on one side with burlap.

Dimensions of each board: 16″ long x 3 1/2″ wide x 3/4″ thick comes in a set of three.









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Holland Cutting Board Company

Important Instructional Note:

Each board will easily accommodate 3 medium to large sized bagels. 3 medium size bagels will fit, when flipping 3 bagels onto your baking stone you will have perfectly baked bagels every time.

Made of White Maple  covered on one side with food grade burlap. Dimensions of each board: 16" long x 3" 1/2 wide x 3/4 thick.

Made in Holland MI 49423 USA

Holland Cutting Board Co.

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